3rd Party Integrated Solutions

3rd Party Integrated Solutions
Solution Type Web Site
3dCart Shopping Cart www.3dcart.com
360Works Plastic 2 FileMaker Payment Plug-in www.360works.com/plastic
ABAS-USA Business Management www.abas-usa.com
AppPublishing Mobile Applications www.apppublishing.com
ASecureCart Shopping Cart www.asecurecart.net
Bill and Pay Quickbooks/Billing and Payment www.billandpay.com
Cart32 Shopping Cart www.cart32.com
Cart Manager Shopping Cart www.cartmanager.net
CF-ezcart Shopping Cart www.cf-ezcart.com
CoreCommerce Shopping Cart www.corecommerce.com
CS-Cart Shopping Cart www.cs-cart.com
Demand Voice Hosted Voice Applications www.demandvoice.com
eDirectHost.com Web Site Host www.edirecthost.com
Event Expresso Ticketing eventespresso.com
Fleapay Shopping Cart www.fleapay.com
Fortune3 Shopping Cart www.fortune3.com
Gavel Buddy Auction www.gavelbuddylive.com
Informediate ERP www.informediate.com
iPayPOS Mobile Swipe www.ipaypos.com
Innerfence Mobile Swipe www.innerfence.com
Mal's Ecommerce Shopping Cart www.mals-e.com
MarkNet Auction and Fundraising marknetalliance.com
MAWebCenters Shopping Cart www.mawebcenters.com
/N Software E-Payment Integrator Middleware www.nsoftware.com
PARIS Parking Management www.integrapark.com
ParkingSoft Parking Management www.parkingsoft.com
PIMS-X Inventory Management www.executron.com
PDG Software Shopping Cart www.pdgsoft.com
pVerify Insurance Verification www.pverify.com
QBAutomation QuickBooks Integrator www.qbautomation.com
REALedger Software Residential Real Estate www.realedger.com
SchoolAuction.net Auction Management www.schoolauction.net
Searchfit Shopping Cart www.searchfit.com
SimpleGive Online Donations www.simplegive.com
SmartPay Billing & Invoicing www.gosmartpay.com
Swipe by AppNinjas Mobile Swipe www.appninjas.com
Taurus Systems Billing and Payment / Fuel www.taurus-systems.com
Tofino Auctions Auction Management www.tofinoauctions.com
UltraCart Shopping Cart www.ultracart.com
Wavebid Auction Management www.wavebid.com
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PayTrace does not recommend or endorse 3rd party integrated solutions. This list is provided as a starting point to assist you in finding a 3rd party integrated solution that may fit your needs. It is expected that you will complete the due-diligence you find necessary to ensure that the 3rd party integrated solution you choose meets all of your needs.